As we battle through these tough times, it vital we do all we can to protect our immune system. Our immunity is a complex system with many different aspects coming together to defend the body against infection and disease.

Studies have shown Vitamin D supports to maintain immunity as well as the other health benefits of supporting healthy teeth, bones and muscles. The National Health Service recommends we all take daily Vitamin D supplements. This recommendation is based on the fact we are spending a lot more time indoors with all the lockdowns and restrictions in place. As a result, we are not exposed to the sun as much and hence we can become low in Vitamin D.

The recommendation is to take Vitamin D during the winter months between October and March, but it is safe to take it all year round to ensure the levels are always maintained.

A lack of Vitamin D has many serious consequences such as bone deformities, such as rickets in children and bone pain in adults. People also complain of feeling fatigued, tired or not having energy when their vitamin D levels are low.

Vitamin D is obtained through 3 sources. The first source to obtain vitamin D is directly from the sunlight when outdoors. Alternatively, it is found naturally in some different foods, such as oily fish, red meat, liver and egg yolks.

The other source of Vitamin D is CurePharma Supplements who have carefully formulated a high strength Vitamin D tablet to ensure the body is enriched with this vital vitamin.