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About Us

CurePharma is a British Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical company. Since 2015 our efforts have been focused on researching, formulating and offering effective and efficacious products to tackle modern health challenges, helping you to be your best, day-after-day and whatever life throws at you.

Everything we do, we do with you in mind. So, we’ve gone out and spoke to our customers, we’ve understood your needs and we’ve worked to address what we’ve found. We know one size doesn’t fill all, hence our products reflect our findings. One common thing that you will find across our range is our high-quality commitment and high efficacy.

Our CurePharma Supplements team

Our team has extensive experience and knowledge in nutrition, health and manufacturing.

Our specialised Pharmacists supervise the research and formulation of our products.

Our manufacturing team has over 40 years specifically dedicated to manufacturing high quality nutrient products.

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Research and Innovation

At CurePharma we pride ourselves on the research and innovation of scientifically based nutrient products. We rely on published, peer reviewed data on nutrient ingredients as well as the NHS and European guidelines.

All our formulas are evidence based, balanced and provide an adequate level of nutrients to ensure they are effective.

Quality promise

We know your main concern is a product that works well and that is safe. So to ensure all products meet the highest quality standards, we not only ensures that they comply with UK and EU food safety laws, but also align with NHS guidelines.

To maintain our high standards, we source raw materials from our exclusive trusted suppliers, who are evaluated and certified. These are sent into our UK manufacturing facility. All our products then undergo meticulous analysis and rigorous quality controls during the manufacturing process. All these checks are done before our product gets to you.

Holistically catering for your needs

We know one size doesn’t fill all, we all have different nutritional habits and requirements so hence we’ve made it easy for you to identify if our product is suitable for you. We have clearly marked our bottles with the below to help you identify the right product for you.

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Halal
  • Kosher

With the increase number of people becoming more conscience of our planet, environment and animal rights. We’ve noticed an emerging trend of Veganism and Vegetarianism; we have identified there are some nutrients that must be replenished that are only found in meat products. We have made sure to offer such products to ensure you live a healthy and balanced life.